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Executive Coaching

At Catalyst Circles, we believe that the difference between a mediocre vs. high performing organization boils down to one thing: people. If we treat people well and give them appropriate autonomy, we empower them, unleash creativity, innovation and commitment.


The Catalyst Circles coaching approach is systems-based, guiding leaders as they outline and obtain a mutually identified set of goals. Clients are held accountable to achieve their vision in a safe yet results-oriented space. As trust is established, our work together creates a growth momentum, beginning with individual leaders and radiating outwards company-wide.

Organizational pressure can be immense at higher levels of leadership. As the coaching process digs deeper, the coachee’s inherent power is revealed. Awareness of how to use power in a responsible and mindful way creates sustained high performance, a much more effective, long-term approach than transactional leadership.


As a Certified Master Coach, Yifat is dedicated to bringing a holistic and pragmatic approach to her practice. She is known for her compassionate, focused and data-driven coaching style. Learn more about Yifat here.



Vice President at Ravenswood Solutions

“Yifat is a good listener and has a knack for dissecting feedback to capture the salient question or underlying issue to be explored and resolved. She is direct in her communication, and challenged me to tackle some professional issues that I had been avoiding. I believe her diverse background enables her to relate to a lot of different work environments and people.”



The Catalyst Circles coaching engagement begins with the client articulating his / her personal, interpersonal and leadership goals, as well as desired business goals and outcomes.

The coach and coachee will then co-design the working relationship to achieve these desired outcomes. Using a combination of experiential methodologies and inquiry, a set of deliverables will be established.

One-on-one coaching sessions are conducted in intervals of 2-3 weeks, creating a momentum of growth for the client. The meetings can be conducted in person or via a remote technology such as Zoom or Skype.

Both the client and coachee will have periodic assessments of the coaching sessions, reviewing achievements related to the agreed upon deliverables and goals.

Learning in coaching also happens in between sessions. At the end of a session, the client often chooses to reflect further about the topic of inquiry, or to engage in some actions related to it. The takeaway from these actions is discussed in the following coaching session. The client is held accountable by the coach, creating a cycle of reflection and action owned by the client.


If both the coach and coachee believe that soliciting input and feedback from the client’s co-workers is important, we will conduct interviews with the client’s boss, peers, and direct reports. We will produce a summary with key themes and the client’s areas of strength and areas of desired growth.


If desired and requested by the client, Yifat will design and deliver learning experiences for the client’s team to enhance team effectiveness and support the client’s continuous growth. You can select options to learn more about team trainings here. 

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