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High Performance Leadership Training


To create organizational high performance, effective leaders must first understand how to unleash the unique power and talent of each individual and the team as a whole.

Catalyst Circles designs and delivers transformative learning experiences to unleash high-performance work teams.


These customized trainings allow participants to tap into their unique set of interpersonal and leadership skills, catalyzing and enhancing personal and professional growth.


Change is only possible through applied awareness. As participants explore their existing mental models related to leadership, they begin to understand the impact of their behavioral style on others. With this knowledge, participants are encouraged to explore and experiment with alternative behavioral choices that may be more effective and better aligned with their desired impact and the company’s bottom line.


These learning experiences are highly engaging and involve multiple methodologies and media including written and video cases, role plays, discussion groups, simulations, and more.


These trainings garner insights on three levels, beginning with the individual. Insights are then transferred to the team and subsequently influence the organizational system as a whole. This multi-level systemic approach to leadership development creates long lasting change that affects the organization’s bottom line results.


Topics and Competencies Include:

  • Growth-Oriented Leadership. Helps leaders understand personal barriers to growth and how one might sabotage his / her success. Includes the art of balancing both directive and collaborative leadership. 

  • Leadership Influence. Mastering influence without authority. This means leading effectively in three directions: upward influence with bosses, sideways with peers, and downward with direct reports.

  • High Performing Team Development. Develop and support individuals and the team as a whole. Participants will deepen their understanding of how to build a cohesive team, make collaborative decisions, hold one another accountable via direct and honest communication and create synergy among team members.

  • Conflict Management. Utilizing conflict to unleash creativity and innovation within the team dynamic.

  • Personal Power Acumen. Understand one’s own power bases, organizational power dynamics and how to establish savvy and responsible ways to navigate them effectively.

  • Power Dynamics. Recognize the impact of organizational hierarchy on collaboration, cooperation and company productivity.

  • Scaleable Leadership. Understand how one might need to revise his or her leadership style when transitioning from leading a small unit to large unit, or when scaling the organization (for example, the move from a startup to a fast growing company).

  • Employee Engagement. What it takes to engage others fully in their work, and how to unleash their full potential.

  • Organizational Alignment. Gaining commitment to organizational values and vision across the organization.


Investing in Climate Change Solutions

“Yifat’s coaching is organized to get real-life results. She helped me to clarify my own vision of success, making sure that the coaching was always focused on achieving specific goals. She coached me through tricky political situations, difficult workplace relationships, and more than one successful job search. She helped me to develop a more powerful, assertive, and courageous presence at work.”

To inquire about Yifat’s leadership training, please provide some basic information below. We will respond within 48 hours, and a complimentary discovery call will be scheduled to discuss your hopes and needs for the training. We are excited to hear from you!

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