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Relational Effectiveness Training

Building effective relationships with other people is a complicated process.


We each carry different expectations, shaped by our values, behaviors, and family and cultural norms. As a result, misunderstanding and conflict (both covert and overt) are a natural part of any relationship. 

Relational effectiveness training is designed to bridge these gaps in our experiences, building trust and connection with others.

A key to building effective relationships is the ability to clearly communicate our needs and listen tentatively to other’s needs and perspective. A better understanding of how to deliver and receive feedback can help us overcome many communication challenges.


The result is a growth mindset in our relationships with others and more efficacy in achieving our own personal and business goals.



This training allows participants to explore the art of building meaningful, trusting, and rewarding personal and professional relationships.


Topics and competencies include:

  • Being Known. How to establish interpersonal trust and credibility with others without being taken advantage of.

  • Influence Skills. Awareness of behaviors, language and actions that might increase or decrease influence with others.

  • Effective Feedback. How to give and receive feedback mindfully, strengthening relationships and trust.

  • Mastering Interpersonal Communication. Understanding typical patterns of communication that erode trust and move relationships in a downwards spiral. Acquiring and mastering effective communication skills helps us grow our relationships with others and consequently our leadership influence.

  • Interpersonal Conflict. Naming, managing and repairing past conflict to seek growth-based outcomes.


Vice President and Region Head of North American Supply Chain Genentech

“Yifat is an exceptional facilitator and strategic thinker. She brings a calm, serious, thoughtful approach to organizational development issues, and is an expert in the issues facing women in business.”

To inquire about Yifat’s relational effectiveness training, please provide some basic information below. We will respond within 48 hours, and a complimentary discovery call will be scheduled to discuss your hopes and needs for the training. We are excited to hear from you!

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. We will be in touch soon!

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